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Lydia Morris

Graduate Student, Curriculum in Genetics and Molecular Biology
B.S. University of Iowa (2005)
Ph.D. Emory University (2012)
started in the lab January 2013

Research Interests

I became interested in exploring the molecular mechanisms of DNA repair and genome maintenance in graduate school where I studied the base excision repair pathway in budding yeast. In the Sekelsky lab I am currently working with flies and studying the role of the helicase RTEL, which has been shown to have anti-crossover activity in several other organisms. Mutant rtel flies die as pupae, and larvae exhibit severe proliferation defects, suggesting an important role for repairing spontaneous damage during development. I will use a combination of molecular, genetic, cytological, and biochemical approaches to further characterize rtel mutant flies.



The background of this page is a set of mitotic chromosomes from a neuroblast squash I did.

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