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Kenny Kuo

Postdoctoral fellow
Ph.D. Duke University (2009)
Laboratory of K. Kreuzer
B.S. SUNY-Buffalo (2003)
started in the lab August 2009

Research Interests

I first became interested in research during my junior year in college at SUNY Buffalo. I worked in the laboratory of Dr. Michael Garrick investigating the function of a divalent ion transporter DMT1. I then came to DUKE University to continue my graduate study with Dr. Ken Kreuzer. In graduate school I was exposed and became interested in the field of DNA damage and repair. My thesis project investigated the consequences and repair mechanisms of DNA protein crosslinks. I joined the Sekelsky lab in August 2009, working on understanding how chromosome crossovers are made in mitotically dividing cells. I apply both a candidate gene approach and an unbiased genetic screen to identify additional factors that prevent mitotic crossovers in Drosophila.

Publications from the Sekelsky Lab

S.L. Andersen, H.K. Kuo, D. Savukoski, M.H. Brodsky, and J. Sekelsky (2011) Three structure-selective endonucleases are essential in the absence of BLM helicase in Drosophila. PLoS Genetics 7: e1002315.


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