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Kale Hartmann

Graduate Student, Curriculum in Genetics and Molecular Biology
B.S. Siena College (2014)
started in the lab April 2015

Research Interests

Crossovers (COs) between homologous chromosomes ensure proper meiosis I segregation, but to do so they must be in the right places along the chromosome. Crossovers near the centromere can disrupt segregation and are a common cause of nondisjunction of chromosome 21 that leads to Down Syndrome. In many animals there is a strong "centromere effect" that prevents crossovers too close to the centromere. I am using Drosophila melanogaster, the organism in which this phenomenon was first discovered, to elucidate properties and mechanisms of the centromere effect.

Publications from research in the Sekelsky Lab


Leadership Roles

  • Coordinator, DNA Day Connect (2015-2017).


The background of this page is FISH in meiotic cells.

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