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Final Justice 1
Final Justice No. 1

2000, 24mm x 25mm
melted VWR Bath Balls

Samarpan Majumder
Indian, b. 1968
Final Justice 2
Final Justice No. 2

2006, size 6
Nike running shoes

Sarah Radford
American, b. 1979

Works in the Final Justice series juxtapose intelligence and competence with ignorance and carelessness. In both pieces, good intentions led to unintended results. In the case of Final Justice No. 1, plastic balls used to slow evaporation from a water bath fused to the bottom of the bath in a melted mess after being left untended over Thanksgiving weekend and the anti-evaporative powers were pushed beyond their natural limits. Final Justice No. 2 was created when the artist attempted to dry her shoes by placing them into an autoclave. Although a sterilization cycle was not initiated, the ambient heat was too much for the uppers, leaving only the soles survivors.