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Piece of pink paper
this haiku makes me sad
I like flipping flies

Laval dissection
my mind is in the gutter
Is this a brain or...?

Screening for dumpy:
Why isn't this penetrant?
I mean, it's d.p.

The old adage of:
"men think with their penises"
must be true in flies

Protein expression:
It is harder than it looks
Run my SDS!

Now it's western time
Where is my band? Damn!

Time to start again
pick a colony,
induce, SDS, western

Damage from the sun...
my DNA is broken!
Always wear sunscreen.

Breaks on both strands
like a missing puzzle piece
HR: perfect fit

DSB repair:
resection and invasion
A choice to be made

What is the end game?
Crossover? Non-crossover?
Cell cycle is key.

Meiosis is good
but LOH yeilds cancer,
In mitosis: bad.

Oh my Drosophila!
you are my perfect model
you are such a tool

FANCM helicase
certain domains are conserved
yet there are differences.

overexpression of what?
That's right, son - protein.